Friday, 2 January 1998

New Zealand Secret


There is a secret place that few New Zealanders have seen
where lakes are pure, the mountains high and rivers fast and clean
where quiet alpine scenery surrounds a boundless sky
and simple carefree people wave to every passer-by

This place is isolated from life's normal cares and woes
and thanks to circumstances prices there are still quite low
there's all the valued services from shops to restaurants
and friendly country inns where keepers cater to your wants

The local river runs all year an easy walk from town
with swimming holes and willow trees and fish i'm told abound
the suns rays on the water like a zillion diamonds gleam
with cool and crystal pools surrounded by a wondrous scene

In winter the whole town can be just like a fairy tale
with frosted trees and bushes framing every snow clad trail
and every home's a warm embracing invitation free
of all your city worries and life's animosity

The spring and autumn sun-sets here just take away your breath
and fantastic mountain thunder storms that scare you half-to-death
and spring-melt alpine river flows canoers seek in droves
will guarantee you're absolutely thrilled down to your toes

i could go on forever 'cause it's easy when it's true
though you might not believe in all the great things here to do
so i'll just let you know the name in case you're driving past
the town is known as Twizel it's MacKenzie Country's Heart

check out Twizel: Hoar frost covers Twizel

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