Saturday, 17 May 2014

Salon on Rice

Salon, Elias Isquith, on Condoleezza Rice

[...]what I’m arguing is that our mainstream political debate is so saturated with unstated assumptions about our inherent goodness, our natural righteousness, and our basic decency that serious war crimes, when committed by American politicians, are sanitized as matters of differing opinion. (And in Rice’s case, it’s not as if we can pretend that she was somehow only tangentially related to the administration’s worst crimes — here she is, back in 2009, defending torture with the Nixonian logic that nothing a president commands in service of national security can possibly be illegal.)
As if to make my point for me, the New York Times recently ran an Op-Ed from Timothy Eganin which Rice’s failures and mistakes — which, remember, cost perhaps as many as 500,000 human lives while wrecking millions more — are dismissed with a chilling breeziness. “Near as I can tell, the forces of intolerance objected to her role in the Iraq war,” Egan writes (apparently unaware that the magic of Google allows him to find the protesters explaining their objections in their own words). “The foreign policy that Rice guided for George W. Bush,” Egan continues, “was clearly a debacle …

I lived it, many did

she was an evil creature from an evil group of animals, thoroughly evil - shame on the world for not demanding she and her Bush administration conspirators be tried in criminal courts and then locked away


Thursday, 15 May 2014

cat saves boy from dog attack

amazing and wonderful

who cares what the cat's motive was - the effect is cool

story via ABC


Wednesday, 14 May 2014