Saturday, 3 January 1998

Why we sing


i am
and about me there is sound
my mothers heart
and singing
i am happy when she sings
and there far off and muffled
others sing

i see
as with a rush exploding
i am one with the sea
and singing!
all about me singing
and i am happiness
and freedom

i follow
mother singing
father, brothers, sisters singing
as we eat and fly and love
our happiness is a song
of joy
the world is ours

we hunger
no food is here
and it is time to go
no singing for we listen
listen for a sign
which way to go
if mother doesn't know?

i hear
others singing
not our singing but alike
they are happy
and we shall sing there too
but it is far
we go

i listen
all are quiet
all listen
no singing
mother dives deep
where is happiness?

we wait
we listen
we know not where to go
the world is shrinking
trapped between heaven and hell
we are lost
no song

and far away
another group who followed
our happiness
wait stranded in the ocean
but our happiness is stilled
and our song is gone

Because of you and me


When we are one the world will be a better place to live
there will be less unhappiness, more love around to give
more happy smiling faces will be seen about the land
and as time flies there will be more who simply understand

When we are one together in each others warm embrace
more hope, more dreams, more peace will be within the human race
for we will be the center of a happiness profound
and from that center outwards love will spread to all around

When we have found each other and each others happiness
the world will be a better place and problems will be less
a simple glowing magic from our core of growing love
will brighten all the world around and all the sky above

When all our hopes are realised and all our dreams come true
we'll know that at the center there was always me and you
and hand in hand down lifes long road of all there is to be
the world will be a better place because of you and me

Friday, 2 January 1998

New Zealand Secret


There is a secret place that few New Zealanders have seen
where lakes are pure, the mountains high and rivers fast and clean
where quiet alpine scenery surrounds a boundless sky
and simple carefree people wave to every passer-by

This place is isolated from life's normal cares and woes
and thanks to circumstances prices there are still quite low
there's all the valued services from shops to restaurants
and friendly country inns where keepers cater to your wants

The local river runs all year an easy walk from town
with swimming holes and willow trees and fish i'm told abound
the suns rays on the water like a zillion diamonds gleam
with cool and crystal pools surrounded by a wondrous scene

In winter the whole town can be just like a fairy tale
with frosted trees and bushes framing every snow clad trail
and every home's a warm embracing invitation free
of all your city worries and life's animosity

The spring and autumn sun-sets here just take away your breath
and fantastic mountain thunder storms that scare you half-to-death
and spring-melt alpine river flows canoers seek in droves
will guarantee you're absolutely thrilled down to your toes

i could go on forever 'cause it's easy when it's true
though you might not believe in all the great things here to do
so i'll just let you know the name in case you're driving past
the town is known as Twizel it's MacKenzie Country's Heart

check out Twizel: Hoar frost covers Twizel



The nights are long without your breath
upon my face to feel
and waking up without you near
takes all the day to heal.
Another night draws closer now
again i am alone
and knowing you are far away
just turns my heart to stone
but brightly i will face my days
the nights i will endure
for soon i'll hold you in my arms
tou jours my love tou jours

Tuesday, 30 December 1997



I'm lost and drifting aimlessly
from phone to mail to phone
my work is begging me to start
but i feel so all alone

i'm trying hard to psyche myself
to raise above it all
but any thought that i begin
just splutters and i stall

i stall because although my work
is everything i am
it's everything i want to be
that's calling me to hand

to be your loving husband
your mate and friend for life
to be with you, to live with you
my loving darling wife

is all that i can focus on
it's all that i desire
and everything that's been till now
has lost it's charm and fire

oh woman why have i become
what seems a smitten fool
and cast aside important things
it seems to be so cruel

that you and i should parted be
because of circumstance
that many months may come to pass
before we sing and dance

before we sing and dance my love
in each others loving arms
free from all our problems
and free from pain and harm

until that day i'm drifting
i'm drifting in and out
of things i should be doing
the things i am about

and though i know it's all for good
that we should parted be
until we are together
i will always drifting be

Sunday, 28 December 1997



it's a unique feeling
strange at first and a little sweet
but soon
it becomes a knot in my stomach
and spontaneous tears
at embarrassing moments

it's hunger
but food will not satisfy
nor is any palatable
so doubly do i suffer
drink quenches for a time
but enough leads to coma
and waking worse

i drive myself to action
for work forces thoughts of you behind
for a time
but then action fails
and i stumble again, lost
and self critical
of my state of heart and mind