Thursday, 1 September 2011

Silly little Julia

(one big breath)

Silly little Julia, peculiar is Julia
she thought that she could be a star
prime mover and Prime Minister
but stabbing and her grabbing
power hasn't seen a happy hour
plunging popularity mistakes almost hilarity
stupidity and perfidy and everyone can plainly see
her enemy is is you and me
when it should be the big money

(one big breath)

so Labor it will labour on
recoup the public favour gone
the flavour of the hour was
illegal people boating from
the shit our stupid leaders brought
us Howard slurping Bush's ass as
everywhere it all collapses
stupid little minded people
chasing what they think is power
blind to what is really coming
bumming out the population
never get my adulation

(breath normal again)

lead us over a cliff you fools

rhythm for stanzas: "No! i'm a better manager, No! i'm a better manager, No! i'm a better manager ..... ad infinitum just as it is between Australian politicians"

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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Mining is making us lazy

some poet (AlanR) posted on

The graph suggests we’re up the creek,
as all the minerals start to peak.

to which i reply:

It's not the peaking mining
but peaking Peking signing
if China slows nobody grows
but maybe i'm just whining

i contend the real growth
is immigrants you see
the money from the minerals
is just some cream to me

to me or rather some fat cat
who sells our mineral wealth
and takes his a cut of riches
by law and maybe stealth

the falling productivity?
well gee i guess we must
bring harder workers from afar
it's that or we go bust

Monday, 29 August 2011

homo travelycus

we middle classes like to fly
our iPods close at hand
with Lonely Planet guiding us
the moment that we land

homo travelycus
of travel we're desirous
not only are we everywhere
we're like a ****ing virus

we flood the world with dollar bills
with roubles and with francs
Mc Donalds follows close behind
and so do all the yanks

homo travelycus
there is no species like us
the natives smile and be polite
but really want to strike us

we travel here we travel there
we click and post our pics
and all the while the locals, well
they think we're stupid hicks

homo travelycus
will part with a good buy kiss
and blog "the culture is so quaint
- they really really like us"

when future diggers find our bones
down deep deep in the ground
they'll scatch their heads and ponder
just what it is they found

"homo travelycus
prolific hungry Lycos
extinction caught them by suprise
but they were never like us"

*Lycos = Wolf