Wednesday, 1 April 1998



I was once a poet
full of words and song
but that was yesterday
and yesterday is gone

So it Goes


so it goes
and so it should
but then of course
we knew it would



the torment of my mind is but a shadow of a dream
where all the way i run to find a place where i can scream
and i am lost inside myself not knowing where i go
and words just flow from somewhere else just why i never know
they flow from me unbidden and come to life themselves
in streams of understanding where my wonder often dwells
and here again am i in search of where it is i go
but there is never clue or reason just that it is so

The World Set Free


i wish with all my heart and soul a better man to be
than what i feel that i am now or failing i might be
that i might love my brother even as i love myself
is all that i aspire to do and all i want as wealth

i look at what i've done til now and realise the truth
that i have really done so little good with no excuse
i've placed my feelings to the fore forgetting those who weep
with hearts all torn and battered though they pray before they sleep

they pray for me unknowing that i've taken all they give
and now i feel the pang of guilt: they suffer and i live
The simple problems i endure seem nothing to the tide
of endless human suffering i see and feel inside

oh how can i make my amends and find that peace within
that comes from having given all oh where shall i begin?
For giving all is hardest yet when all has been hard won
and now that i have everything why should it be undone?

and there i see my weakness, my fall from grace revealed
that i wont offer up my lot so all the world is healed
and just as i am selfish and full of fear and greed
there walketh all my brothers too and all my brothers seed

what simple rule of Law revealed can make of me a man
what rule of thumb what simple guide what everlasting plan?
for now i need more than i am to be what i should be
'cause i am just a simple man who wants the world set free