Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Terrified passengers of MH370 have hours to ponder their inevitable death

Having read this theory about a simple electrical fire and considering where we now suspect the aircraft to have crashed one can not avoid thinking that for many hours the passengers knew that they were all going to die.

The flight crew were unconscious or dead behind a locked door that the passengers had no way to breach.

They would have become increasingly desperate as it became absolutely obvious that they were not going to escape their plight.

There was nothing in the passenger section they could use to open the door.

The post 9/11 security is now so good that even if there had have been a fully qualified pilot among the passengers he or she would not have been able to do anything.

Think about it.

236 people knowing they were going to eventually crash into the sea and die.

236 people exhausting their cell phone batteries as they desperately tried over and over again to call for help.

236 people who suffered cruel and prolonged torture of the worst imaginable kind.

It's a terrible story and the only story more horrible is the certainty that someone will make a movie of it.

A movie to profit from the horror of the last hours of the passengers of MH370.


I see "experts" including Prof Middleton have read my tweet/blog or thought of it also, here too.