Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Baby-Boomer Blues

it's a daily trial to click and read
the blogs about investment
with a zillion other boomer babies
checking each assessment

the panic button's glowing red
we're ready to withdraw
but until then we're concentrating
hard on making more


ba-by boomer, ba-by boomer
we'll be dead in the end or maybe sooner
all our money will be gone
our investments all gone wrong
we'll have given up the ghost on just rumour

there's Tyler Durden blastin' out
a hundred posts a day
i don't know how he does it but
i guess it's for the pay

and even though the comments reek
of idiots and shills
there's no denying it's the place
providing all the thrills


Mish Shedlock's yet another blogger
profiting from doom
though often he's a little rabbid
(unions i presume)

Australia makes him scream and shout
"your housing's gonna crash"
and if you prod him just a bit
he's prone to be quite rash


My favorite blogger is Steve Keen
he's famous now you know
he gets a million hits a week
for what? Gosh i don't know.

But he's predicting everything
will crash and burn in hell
but i suspect he's hedged his bets
(he's jogging now as well)


Old James Paplava got me hooked -
his weekly podcast show
i'd hang on every word he spoke
but then i guess you know

and all his expert guests were great
(pre Automatic Earth)
but now i know deflation's king
what's Jim Paplava worth?


there's hosts of other's you all know
Economists of note
there's Krugman, Steen and Mankiw
and other's i could quote

and every day we read them all
and sift their words for clues
because we know we're suffering
the baby boomer blues


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Breaking Three breaks One and Two

i'll tell you first i'm not a Jew
a Muslim? No, i'm not that too
i'm not a Christian that's for sure
a Buddhist? No, not any more

but i have always loved the Word
the Ten Commandments that i heard
when i was young i learned them well
and now i'm old i've this to tell

the three or four that are the first
their meaning is in truth immersed
old Moses gave us words profound
their truth is such a solid ground

the first - "there is no truth but all"
it's infinite - there is no wall
no boundary to what can be
no limit to the truth you see

it's seems so simple yet it's not
the greatest of the Jew's Mitzvot
like quantum physics: if you know
you don't! Confused? To study go!

the second - is the most abused
and many a scholar's been confused
it talks of idols - gold or wood
a face on God is not so good

don't fool yourself is what it means
a piece of truth's not what it seems
you can not isolate one bit
and then in homage bow to it

i wonder if you understand?
so take a look at your right hand
is that the truth? is that hand you?
your fingernail is that "you" too?

The Truth you can not subdivide
and cast the unknown parts aside
the Wrath of God will strike you down
and in your foolishness you'll drown

and while we're talking number two
here's something you should never do
don't claim that God is this or that
He's merciful or tall or fat

because you see that's number three
to claim you know and make decree
to "swear to God" you know the truth
as if you were some clever sleuth

the Law dictates "do not assert"
the power of words is power to hurt
it's only in a court of Law
that you'll be sworn to what you saw

so don't mislead your fellow man
don't lead him to some Promised Land
don't seek to rule or lie to win
don't claim you know where to begin

those three above are all you need
the fourth means study them and heed:
each week one day is set aside
to know you should by them abide

one final word before i go
my words above are claims you know
i've broken number three it's true
and breaking that breaks one and two

doubt the validity? see here

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Monday, 12 September 2011

What makes us hate boat-people?

we have to go! we have to leave!
my darling listen please believe
we have no choice, we have to try!
if we stay here we'll surely die 

they come on old and flimsy boats
unworthy of the sea
they come from lands destroyed by war
because of you and me

hey captain! listen! take my son
he's all that's left - the only one
here's all the money we possess
please take him and your name i'll bless

they come on un-sea-worthy boats
with hope and little more
they come escaping what we wrought
and what we wrought was war

Oh God! Protect my child at sea
please keep him safe and keep him free
please let him find Australia's shore
that's all i ask and nothing more

they come and many of them die
alone on a wide wide sea
babies, children, mothers too
with no one there to see

No my darling there's no word
nobody knows, nobody's heard
so trust in God, trust in His ways
God listen's to whoever prays

so brave they are or foolish
or so it seems to me
i know i don't have what it takes
to cross so wide a sea

There's news! He's Safe! Oh Glory be!
Our son's been rescued from the sea
Australian sailors found the boat
when it was almost not afloat

i wonder if they understand
the hatred here they'll find
how much we'll spend to keep them out
how long they'll be confined

Oh God! Please No. Don't let it be!
my only son has died at sea
though most were saved my son was not
my husband's gone too - he was shot

so tell me now Australia
what's made our hearts so cold?
what's made us hate boat-people?
what lies have we been sold?

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