Tuesday, 30 December 1997



I'm lost and drifting aimlessly
from phone to mail to phone
my work is begging me to start
but i feel so all alone

i'm trying hard to psyche myself
to raise above it all
but any thought that i begin
just splutters and i stall

i stall because although my work
is everything i am
it's everything i want to be
that's calling me to hand

to be your loving husband
your mate and friend for life
to be with you, to live with you
my loving darling wife

is all that i can focus on
it's all that i desire
and everything that's been till now
has lost it's charm and fire

oh woman why have i become
what seems a smitten fool
and cast aside important things
it seems to be so cruel

that you and i should parted be
because of circumstance
that many months may come to pass
before we sing and dance

before we sing and dance my love
in each others loving arms
free from all our problems
and free from pain and harm

until that day i'm drifting
i'm drifting in and out
of things i should be doing
the things i am about

and though i know it's all for good
that we should parted be
until we are together
i will always drifting be

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