Saturday, 26 November 2005

Greenspan speech

Nov 2005

I read a speech by Greenspan
old Allan at his best
he's told us not to worry
about the Peak Oil test

There's lot's and lot's of energy
in forms we hardly guess
there's gas and shale and methane
i'm lost i must confess

he's said that market forces
will rally to the call
the price of energy will rise
but our use of it will fall

i scratch my head when reading him
he's quite a clever man
with arbitrage and other words
i'll never understand

but what i know and know for sure
and what anybody knows
is oil seems pretty special
enough to make us foes

we're right behind old Bush and clan
who seem to think it's big
so big they think it worth some lives
a few more graves to dig

i guess they're only Arabs
and other Muslim folk
i guess they don't amount to much
and their faith is just a joke

for we i think have Jesus
who guides us from above
and tells us who to kill or not
and who to give the shove

so how come Allan Greenspan
you don't address George Bush?
how come you don't jump up and down
and shake your Jewish tush?

Tell George there's heaps of energy
so much we need not kill
we need not steal or lie and cheat
to get and have our fill?

I heard that Jews are shining lights
a chosen race by God
so Allan how come you don't fight
this Rabid Christian dog?

It's time to reign these monsters in
to save your brother's blood
to stop the way they rob and steal
all in the name of God

Go Allan man i beg you
go take their ball away
convince us all there's so so much
we all can sing and play

there's no big problem looming
there's energy galore
there's oil and gas for years and years
and after that there's more

and i'll sit here and scratch my head
because it's all so big
and read your words with relish
and never give a fig

for if you say it's all just fine
a happy man i'll be
i'll go about my daily life
and know that i am free

i'm free to live on others lives
because old George believes
that killing is OK for oil
and no we are not thieves

And if confused i seem to you
well gee go read your speech
it seems that there's no reason
and it's all lies they preach

It's you or Bush that lies i think
and he's a Christian man
so he can't be who's lying
or do you think he can?

And if he's lying Allan
because your words are true
then why oh why don't you stand up
and do what you should do?

Tell Bush and Co and all the world
there's heaps of energy
and there's no need to kill or steal
and make them all to see

that you are full of confidence
about the coming peak
it's just a market re-adjust
and prices will be weak

and maybe then old George and co
will stop their killing spree
and everyone can just relax
and let the Muslims be

and maybe then in years to come
when everybody's cool
we might address the Israel thing
or am i just a fool?