Saturday, 10 January 1998

Love Chains


if i love her with all my heart
but tie her with that rope
i've made of love an evil thing
and fouled all dreams and hope

for sure as life is short and grim
for those who are not bold
a life of binding her with love
proves nothing from that hold

for is it not so clear and true
that any spirit caged
will seek escape from where it is
and be with all enraged?

unless of course i want a pet
a timid soul and weak
a piece of meat, a blow-up bag
but is that what i seek?

i want a mighty soul to take
and make of me a man
for in such union surely
there can be no better plan?

it's only weak and timid men
who seek to bind their wives
for men of fiber true and strong
seek honest open lives

so come and hear me brothers
come hearken to my plea
seek not to bind your wives at all
and let them know they're free

and if you're worth a damn at all
you'll find a big surprise
that women everywhere will seek
and praise you to the skies

Soul Fire


long time ago a simple soul was lost unto this world
abandoning all dreams and goals and caring not at all
and as the years unfolded and darkness settled in
this small and hidden soul was sheltered - hiding deep within

though many tried to pry it loose exposing it to life
it held on to its darkness and was free form care and strife
and so it went year in year out as all the world went by
until at last this tiny thing was such that it would die

and then a mighty soul but lost in depths that were its own
dug deep and would not be withheld and turned up every stone
ignoring any barrier or darkness in it's path
until it found what it had sought: it's long lost other half

so now where once were two lost souls who'd given up desire
are two strong growing souls aflame - entwined eternal fire
and balanced now with all of life and hope and dreams divine
are two who are as one again and such is God's design

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Thursday, 8 January 1998

So you want to be a poet?


so you want to be a poet?
i advise ya mate to stow't
it eats your time and money
and there ain't no flamin' honey

and half the bloody words you need
just wont agree to rhyme
or you'll mix up all your (what's the word?)
i do it all the time

but if you're set
on it
just tear out one huge sonnet

and here i think i'll end this verse
but that's ok 'cause it's so long


Tuesday, 6 January 1998

These useless words


how can i cry with words?
these tools are so useless
here, with my heart breaking
and all of my soul aflame
all i have is these stupid words

i go out and scream at the emptiness
and scream and scream and scream myself to awareness
of pointlessness
and more despair
that even my screams are of useless words

i cry but even the stupid medium
does not allow my tears to show
a stain for all the world to see
"look he cried - there are his faded tears"
and not even a stumbling pen can i show

and what for this need to show i cry?
what point could i make if there was one word
that spoke "PAIN" so loudly that all the world
would turn and see me

Monday, 5 January 1998



i could have done it better
i think it's all been told
but i feel i have to say it
before we grow too old
and when at last you understand
i know it will be clear
that all the hurting things i said
were only said in fear

and as we grow our separate ways
from darkness unto light
and find the secrets we desire
and find our hopes so bright
i hope that looking back to now
and what we had before
will bring a smile onto our lips
and who could ask for more?

i hope that all you want in life
is still there in your dreams
and all the future steps you take
run like a flowing stream
down to the shore of your desire
and ever lasting sea
of the things that you can still become
and all you want to be



i sought a pearl beneath the waves
and found there one devine
a true unfettered spirit
good soul and body fine

i tried to be a husband
but failed with jealousy
that she is a woman
is plain enough to see

i tried to keep her to myself
i tried to lock her in
and tried and tried to be the best
that she could ever win

but though i sought her passion
her love and all her soul
behind the bars of my despair
she yearned another goal

And so the years have vanished
and all have been in pain
for i have tried to cage a soul
but nothing did i gain

We make the world we live in
and struggle with our lot
with little clear direction
we tie a lifetimes knot

but it is all illusion
and paper has no life
the only way is freedom
if you want a loving wife

and now at last i understand
i hope it's not to late
for me to make a better me
and learn from my mistake

and though you might think i'm ok
and she is all of sin
look in your heart and ask yourself
if you'd have locked her in

Sunday, 4 January 1998

At how the river roars


i saw God sitting on a log
down by the river clean
smiling out towards the dawn
at secrets there unseen

What makes you smile? i called aloud
what happiness is yours?
A broader smile and then the words
"at how the river roars"

i pondered then these words awhile
and sought the sound referred
but all i heard was trickling
and the chirping of a bird

i hear it not oh God of all
why do you jest me so?
and then again that beaming smile
"I think you really know"

Again i thought about God's words
and still i could not see
Oh God can you please speak more plain
with less complexity?

And smiling now from ear to ear
God looked into my eyes
"Look deep within your soul my child
you'll find there a surprise"

i tried my best to look within
and focused all my will
i sought what God was speaking of
but it was hidden still

Oh God i feel that i am wont
and all my faith is flawed
but God just smiled and let me stew
while close the river roared

the river roared i heard indeed
a sudden flood of rain
had swept down on the mountains high
and to the river drained

and then at last it came to me
why God was smiling still
at hand was my awakening
i felt a rising thrill

Oh God i see i see at last
and now is all revealed
"Go forth My Child and spread Our Love
and know the world is healed"

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Be Free


Be strong, be free
and be yourself
a little while at least

walk free the earth
breath free the air
and make your life a feast

take anything
your needs desire
eat any fruit that falls

make all the world
your own for now
walk any vaulted halls

ignore your codes
cast guilt aside
and savor what God gives

for God loves all
and you for sure
as anyone who lives

eat lustily
of anything
you've not allowed yourself

and take those
guarded hopes and dreams
down from that dusty shelf

and when you're done
and feel secure
that you are strong and free

i will be waiting
for you to come to me