Saturday, 3 January 1998

Because of you and me


When we are one the world will be a better place to live
there will be less unhappiness, more love around to give
more happy smiling faces will be seen about the land
and as time flies there will be more who simply understand

When we are one together in each others warm embrace
more hope, more dreams, more peace will be within the human race
for we will be the center of a happiness profound
and from that center outwards love will spread to all around

When we have found each other and each others happiness
the world will be a better place and problems will be less
a simple glowing magic from our core of growing love
will brighten all the world around and all the sky above

When all our hopes are realised and all our dreams come true
we'll know that at the center there was always me and you
and hand in hand down lifes long road of all there is to be
the world will be a better place because of you and me

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