Monday, 20 January 2014

I went to an air show

We live right next door to an army base.

On occasion that means we have to put up with explosions and gunfire and loud aircraft noises.

For a few days we watched as parachutes opened up above us and a Saab Griffin rocketed back and forth.

It was all in account of "army day" which is a Thai event similar to 'children's day" which is like mother's day. Kindof.

So i jumped on my trusty steed:

and sauntered off to the base to see what would happen.

I took my beloved Pentax K5 and a decent set of lenses and snapped a few pics like this one of a kid who caught a lizard:

Eventually i was snapping shots of skydivers:

When this guy (on the left):

called me over and from then on i was immersed in all things Military Thai (God bless them every one):

such a wonderful experience and such lovely people

you can see all of the pics i took (and my friend who took pics for me) here