Saturday, 2 August 2014

if you could fight with the native Americans against the blue-coats, would you?

I asked that of a couple of mid-twenty year old Americans

when talking about Iraq, Gaza...

One said why would you go back and fight with a losing side?

The other avoided the issue branching off to you can't travel in time

Americans have no soul

they, even the most open minded, think Muslims are all terrorists yet when questioned about who Muslims are and how populations came to be Muslim they have no knowledge

Americans have been indoctrinated to see Muslims just as they saw "red-indians"

there are almost none of them that have any clue whatsoever that there might be something inherently wrong in killing and destroying millions of people

they suspect something is wrong but they just don't have the mental constructs to grasp it

it's frightening

ignorance - THAT'S the core issue of humanity

dumb fuck stupid fucking Ignorance

Israel - you black hearted blot on the world - you too


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Securency corruption case order leaked

Securency - the makers of plastic bank notes and previously owned by the Reserve Bank of Australia has copped its fair share of flak for various corruption allegations.

Currently in front of a court that has suppressed even knowledge of the court case.

In true modern capitalist style.

I knew one of the accused. He was a free-loading wheeler-dealer involved with illegal immigration scams to New Zealand.

I was surprised to see his name there - but only by how high he has risen in the system.

Assuming of course that he's the person I knew


Why we still have nuclear weapons programs

Our nuclear weapons are a convenient excuse for our military elites to maintain deep underground shelters

so when we get whacked by an asteroid

they'll have somewhere to hide

they're paranoid enough


TruthDig: David Duke on Israel

I got this from TruthDig: Anti-Semites Exploit Israel’s Gaza Incursion

Nice - post it and at the same time show you are not antisemitic. Safe? Doubt it.

I, on the other hand, say what i think: Israel has become a terrible terrorist state intent on genocide.

Israel is doing everything inhumanly possible to further antisemitism, anti-zionism

I met a really drunk Israeli once who told me that Israel has a 1,000 year plan to rid the world of lower forms of humanity

man was he drunk


Monday, 28 July 2014

AI bots hide themselves disguised as people

potentially millions and millions of them - they scale as the issues escalate

they have facebook accounts


flickr not so much

they respond to triggering events but acting as a human. The simplest ones just post a ref to a body of media 
that sells a message or more, notify a superior intelligence, and move on.

The worst are worse than your imagination.

Because if you can think of it so can an advanced AI system.


Sunday, 27 July 2014

The chairman of the NSW Community Relations Commission turned out to be a gormless cunt

Alhadeff resigns over Israel email

so, is it only the public that recognizes distinctions in right and wrong?

Politicians don't seem to as a whole.

Some might say at least he resigned. Bull-shit - he had no choice. He proved he was either a complete fool or a shill that briefly exposed the soft underbelly of the monster whose arms are all our politicians and their non-human pupeteers.


Demoted to junior officer for ever.