Sunday, 20 June 2021

TradeMe trader rip-off experience

Reporting in detail the methods of a TradeMe trader who prevents customers getting due refunds by a variety of slimy and dishonest methods.

I will lay out here in entirety, from purchase until present exactly all steps at communication with both the trader and TradeMe - who overwrote my feedback on the seller. Think about that - if you place negative feedback on a seller TradeMe will change it.

There IS NO BUYER PROTECTION from TradeMe - unless the seller is a very small fish - you are not protected against big stores on TradeMe - TradeMe will ALWAYS support the big store trader over the customer - ALWAYS

Step 1: here is the product - first the link:

New 15 LED Portable Round Magnetic Camping/Working lights 2092

Now the screenshots (i had to do it in 4 sections):

Step 2: emails between myself and the seller starting with the first

Murray Hobbs

Thu, 3 Jun, 11:05
to robbietrademe

good: delivery - through a flooded region - well done.

bad: terrible product for me. One of the 4 had a broken battery cover lug and none of them will hold to a wall or 
ceiling with the magnet so the magnet is of no use so the lamps are of no use to people who would buy them for
the magnetic property. They will stick to the steel wall without the batteries inside. So really not a good product

Your product description was misleading: 

"Strong magnetic base+ hanging hook ,
can stick it to the metallic surface or hang it on any place for hands-free operation."

so you have to do 2 things - 1 change your product description or remove that product from your line

and - refund to me thank you


Robbie TradeMe

Fri, 4 Jun, 17:31
to Murray
Hi Murray,

Thank you for your email. Sorry to hear that the camping light is one of  the broken battery cover lug and can not
hold to a wall, we will check the product and contact our supplier and inform them.

How many pieces do you want ro refund? Please let me know and thank you for your advice.


Murray Hobbs

Tue, 8 Jun, 12:11 (12 days ago)
to Robbie

Thanks for your reply

None of them can serve my need so i will have to buy 4 other units. So unless you have 4 units that will magnetically
stick to a wall and will send me those, i'll have a refund for all 4 thnk you.

(I need them for my bus which i use for when i go to music events. I use magnetic torch/lamps throughout the bus
because they are convenient to hang on the walls and other steel surfaces.)

murray hobbs

Robbie TradeMe

AttachmentsTue, 8 Jun, 16:16 (12 days ago)
to Murray
Hi Murray,

OK, Please send 4 lights back in original packaging to:

Robbie Chui

182I  Mokoia Road, Chatswood, Auckland 0626

Please use NZ postbag $4.5 (see attachment).   Upon receiving the items back we will give you a full refund
plus $4.5 postage.



Murray Hobbs

Tue, 8 Jun, 16:53 (12 days ago)
to Robbie


first you refund my money in full and send me a pre-paid self addressed envelope

the units are cheap - i accept that and they should just be thrown in the bin but maybe you have a contract with a supplier - maybe

it would be cheaper for you just to refund and i'll toss them in the bin but suit yourself - if you need them back send me the envelope



Murray Hobbs

Wed, 9 Jun, 08:21 (11 days ago)
to Robbie

I also notice your listing is still showing that it has a strong magnet

you should remove this listing - it is a false advertising and could cause more problems for you


Robbie TradeMe

Wed, 9 Jun, 15:33 (11 days ago)
to Murray

We have checked our products, they are ok, and magnets are fine, nothing wrong
with them. 
Please note that this product is not suitable for moving vehicles such as buses.....
it depends what surface you put on.

If you are not satisfied with these items you can return them under good resell 
conditions and we have promised to refund you. By the way, don't criticise and 
slander our products.



Murray Hobbs

Fri, 11 Jun, 13:50 (9 days ago)
to Robbie

reporting you to Trademe

you are a scammy dishonest person - i will do my best to make you regret you poor business practice

your product is a piece of shit - false person and false advertising

Murray Hobbs

15 Jun 2021, 15:29 (5 days ago)
to Robbie

hey mr very dishonest person

here is the video i sent to trademe about your shit product

refund please immediately


Murray Hobbs

Wed, 16 Jun, 18:48 (4 days ago)
to Robbie

You did not send me a return mail pack so i guess you don't give a shit about your crappy little product being

so i will post a negative final feedback and then i am taking this to the small claims court and i am also seeking
advice on a class action on behalf of any other people you have swindled

you have 24 hours to refund in full or this is going to just become one frigging headache for you and me both

hello, are you there?

Robbie TradeMe

Thu, 17 Jun, 10:09 (3 days ago)
to Murray
This is a simple thing to solve, but you won't cooperate to send items back to us. I promised to refund you in the very
beginning, even though we promised to pay you return postage.

I don't want to be entangled with such a rude person as you, I will refund you $33.5 in full, is your conscience
whether you return items back or not.

Please be aware of your bad language.

Murray Hobbs

17 Jun 2021, 12:21 (3 days ago)
to Robbie

send return address prepaid envelope and i'll waste some more of my time returning your items

you see the problem is not my rudeness

the problem is that you started the problem by trying to refuse right back at the beginning

by claiming there was nothing wrong with YOUR LISTING - I should NOT have incurred ANY LOSS BECAUSE


so you wasted my time (i could have bought from elsewhere but i was trying to avoid a trip to town)


so i assume you just will naturally be that kind of complete shit - right? And you do it to anyone you can get away
with doing it to.


That's frigging stupid and dishonest - and you have the gall to call me rude?????

You better take your listing down or remove any mention of magnet

you can not knowingly recoup your bad business decision losses from your unsuspecting customers - that's actually
probably fraud

thank you for your payment

when it clears i'll check your listing to see if you are going to try and rip anyone else off

then i'll post feedback

you're frigging lucky i don't bill you $350 per hour for wasting my time

murray hobbs

Step 3: communications with TradeMe proving TradeMe does not provide buyer protection

Ticket Id: 2313355

Trade Disputes (Trust and Safety)

Jun 13, 2021, 10:18 GMT+12

Hi Murray,

I'm just getting in touch about your trade: New 15 LED Portable Round Magnetic Camping/Working lights 2092 - P199370064.

The seller's been in touch as they've spotted your feedback, but they don't believe they've been given a chance to resolve this for you.

They're hoping to get this sorted for you by getting the item returned for a refund. They'll also cover return shipping.

On the basis of this being a reasonable resolution the seller might not have had the chance to offer before receiving your feedback, we've tweaked it neutral for now to give you both the chance to put your heads together and work toward fixing this. We can help with getting the two of you in contact, and we're happy to work with you both in order to get this all wrapped up.

If you'd like to take the seller up on this offer, you'll be able to get back in touch with them by email. If you haven't had a reply for a couple of working days, you might like to double check your spam folders just in case, and if there's nothing there then feel free to reply to this email to let us know.

When this is all done and dusted, you'll be able to update your feedback to reflect the outcome of the trade using this link:
(You'll need to log in if you aren't already)

If you've already changed it once you won't be able to do it again, so if this is the case or if you're having any issues with this, just let us know the message you’d like it to contain and which colour face to change it to, and we’ll be happy to make these changes for you.

That offer should be on the table for a reasonable time frame, though it's worth keeping in mind it could be more complicated if you leave it too long, particularly in the case of something being not as described and especially if you've been using it.

Keep us in the loop with how you get on and let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you along the way.


Trade Disputes
Trust and Safety

Murray Hobbs

Tue, 15 Jun, 19:36 (5 days ago)
to Trade

kindof really pissed off now - no answer from the seller no answer from trademe

really disgusting

look it's really simple - on the basis of the sellers description i bought 4 of these items and they were not as described
 - when i reported that to the seller he denied any problem and evaded all responsibility

when i took the issue to TradeMe YOU FRIGGING CHANGED MY feedback - you frigging dishonest bunch of thieves

so OK what's next? - shall i escalate this to the 150,000 or so people i can immediately post this to in FB groups and 
search for as many other groups to post to? Huh? Hello? Anybody in there?

just how far are you frigging shits going to take this - like who is ever going to buy with confidence from TradeMe fs
you have no buyer protection and you undermine the only system available to buyers to deal with being ripped off?


I'll never buy from a TradeMe store again and i will do my very best to ensure as many people as possible are aware
of your policy

murray friggin disgusted hobbs

(more ignored emails to both TradeMe and the seller)

Step 6: The video i had to make and make public to get any response

Step 7: steps taken to prevent the trader from continuing to sell this particular product

(incomplete.. emails etc here)

Step 8: procedures to track down other disgruntled customers of this trader (Facebook etc)

(incomplete.., FB posts here)

Step 9: you guess