Friday, 13 July 2012

Dear Apple, Dear Samsung

I am still using an old Nokia 1110i Phone:
Nokia 1110i

Work gave me a nice new HTC smart phone some time back but after i used it for a week i threw it in my drawer and went back to the Nokia.

My family asks why i don't have a smart phone - they all have one.

I don't have a smart phone for the following reasons:

  • The battery lasts for little more than a day and if i forget to charge it it becomes a useless brick
  • Email is not meant to be answered instantly - why should i want it everywhere i go?
  • There's not a single smart phone that provides what i want from a hand-held computer
  • At work and at home i have great huge screened desktops running Linux and Windows - in between i'm driving or riding my bike
  • I live in a city where i grew up and don't need GPS
  • I don't play games
  • I don't like to spend money unnecessarily

I would buy myself (or get work to buy me) a nice new smart phone if it could provide what i want:

  • at least 2 days of battery life even under moderate use
  • connectivity so that i can use a normal large desktop screen, keyboard and pointer - ie i want to plonk it down on the desk, have it recognise available interface devices and automatically start to use them
  • ideally the whole phone is a solar energy collector that augments the battery life

If you mighty technical geniuses can give me a nice unix based pocket sized computer with built in coms for everything i need - i'll spend up to $2000 for it

In the mean time i'm sticking to my Nokia - it has a battery life of up to 15 days, does not pester me with emails, costs me nothing if i lose it, does not break if i drop it, and most of all

does not communicate to the world that i'm a brainless consumer


ps, if such phones were available how long do you think Microsoft would last - everyone on earth could get rid of their desktops forever and most of their laptops and their stupid tablets (a touch sensitive screen interface need only be that - an interface)

of course, maybe what Microsoft is planning is to beat the competition by being the first with such a device

but i doubt it - they are still stuck on blood-sucking the dying life out of their poor trapped MS Office users

brainless leeches