Monday, 2 February 2015

Richard Dawkins readings from fans

He's an insufferable bastard at times

but other times he's adorable


ps his best book is Ancestor's Tale - awesomely inspiring evolution text accessible to all

Sunday, 1 February 2015

I keep forgetting to learn from this, again

Maybe i'll remember it's here and eventually get around to some practice


Greeks fuck over the Germans, again

Just about the funniest economics lesson you'll ever see

though something like thisor this will be the sort of attack management tactics taken by the evil aliens that are taking over the world

you know the aliens from their remote bolt-holes in far off places where they think they might survive if discovered for what they are

they look just like people but they lack anything resembling a heart - just brains and balls and, err, lots and lots of really nasty weapons

in fact there are now dinner table discussions about how biologically sensible it would be to wipe out whole populations of as distantly related people as practical so that your descendants can be as Genghis Khan's - and fill the voids created. So to speak.