Sunday, 11 January 1998



stupid is as stupid does
and i'm the stupidist there was

when i go wish upon a star
i don't know where the dambed things are

i thought that i could count and add
but 1+1 means i'm a dad

i doubt i'll ever find a job
because i dress like such a slob

and though i think that i'm a hunk
the girls all run like i'm a skunk

playing poker is my game
win lose or draw it's all the same

money i can always get
just where i put it i forget

it's faith i lack - that's why i'm dumb
i guess i'll always be a bum

i make mistakes that cost the world
so in the end i'll lose the girl

True Freedom


life is short and life is hard
and seldom is there hope
and rarely do we find in it
an easy way to cope

but life is good and life is long
if what you feel is love
for that is where the strength is found
that lets us climb above

so climb those stairs and free yourself
to life that's long and good
and when you're free you'll laugh and sing
to see the place you stood

and from your stronger vantage point
when you are looking back
you'll have the strength to offer aid
to those still on the track

and such is life for those who love
and love with all their heart
for love is what true freedom is
you've known that from the start

Cast in Wood


i'm just your aid-de-camp my love
your shield and spear of wood
your famous poet visionary
cast by one who could

you've used the lowest basest things
to make your weapon strong
against the foes of tyranny
you've fought for oh so long

and why my soul you chose to use
seems obvious to me
for i am one who knows the truth
that you would need to see

and why it is that i can speak
as with the mouth of God
i guess that's between you and Him
but so - i am your rod

your rod of truth your words of power
your brightness and your fame
and all you had to cast me with
was your eternal flame