Saturday, 19 July 2014

the war you don't see

for those of us who watched knowing that it was all lies this is nothing new and no revelation

for anyone alive out there with any sort of human heart who is not aware

then here - the truth


how do we live with ourselves for these crimes of ours?

it could have been my son who said "nice" the the butchering of Reuters reporters and children and other innocents


what monsters we are

i'll give you a startling clue

if they own a blackberry they are the killers - whatever country they are in

if they own an apple they are the apparatchik

and so, therefore, also the killers

the rest?

cannon fodder to these monsters the system breeds for and streams towards and rewards and rewards and rewards

Tony Blair you worm

George Bush you slime

All of you American cunt warmongers and your friends worldwide

fuck you to hell

it's unbearable to know that i am a part of this totally insidious machine