Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Black and White

to see the world in "Black and White"
ah ignorance is bliss
you're good or you are evil
no middle ground in this

you're for me or against me
no sitting on the fence
no hiding behind "fairness"
no "give me time" defense

and what if we were all like this
and could not let it pass?
With stones in plenty near to hand
our houses made of glass?

i guess you'd say i'm "Liberal"
a catch-cry of the "right"
by i am one for Liberty
- for freedom i will fight

the world in which we find ourselves
is coloured Black and White
and everyone is hurling stones
and calling for a fight

i hope that in the future
we find a way to peace
and shed our need for "us and them"
and see all hatred cease

the hope is with our children
so raise them without hate
raise them to understand both sides
and judge with equal weight

and every child you ever meet
give blessings to them too
help each and every growing mind
find love in what you do

and maybe oh just maybe then
we'll find the peace we crave
and if we don't we'll take instead
our hatred to the grave