Sunday, 2 December 2018

Wow. It's like years i've been in a funk.

It's been years i've been in a funk
torn far too many ways
tried drugs and tried the bottle
tried work and wealth and fame

tried doing all my dishes
and all your dishes too

tried focus on the simple things in life there are to do

and failure after failure
i've burned bridges to the ground

the careful work of months and years is gone without a sound

this getting old and cranky

this growing uselessness

this fumbling falling forgetful fearfulness

i guess funking away the rest of my life...

I wonder if Fred still does the song.

I like his words for in the wilderness - "white ash and black ash" - an ash forest that includes mountains - ie - buried somewhere never to be found - a sharp edge to his spade - and a back strong enough to haul her

of course, maybe it's not dark - it's weird (Steel Guitars?) - she REALLY wasn't human but who'd believe it and what would they do with the alien body? How can he come out as the good guy in these lyrics?

I think Fred's exploration of human nature is cool.

I tell people that I think Fred Eaglesmith is Canada's Bob Dylan and Blaze Foley was America's Leonard Cohen.

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