Sunday, 9 December 2018

I'll never be as good as Marcus Turner

      C                                                         Bb
first saw him play and sing when i was struggling with the blues
  F                                                   C
i listened and i watched with open envy
  C                                                  Bb
i fumbled on self-conscious 'cause i was just a learner
        F                                                  C
but i vowed i'd be as good as Marcus Turner

   C                                         Bb
I didn't see him often cause I lived across the tracks
             F                                             C
and my life was hectic, difficult and crazy
             C                                                     Bb
but his playing and his singing made my determination sterner
          F                                               C
"one day i'll play as good as Marcus Turner"

   C                                       Bb
I fled to live in Sydney and busked my way through school
F                                                           C
    joined bands and made music for a living
    C                                                    Bb
and as i learned the mandolin my confidence grew firmer
       F                                             C
"i bet now i'm as good as Marcus Turner!"

C                                                            Bb
    then back to Dunedin - he was even better than before
      F                                               C
in every way he seemed to go on winning
  C                                                Bb
i loved him and i hated him - i'd always be the learner
         F                                                 C
and i'd never play as good as Marcus Turner

    C                                             Bb
I gave up playing music, a long story i wont tell
      F                                              C
for 30 years i went without much pickin'
  C                                                                         Bb
though Marcus went from strength to strength i heard not a murmur
        F                                                C
i no longer thought at all of Marcus Turner

C                                            Bb
Now i'm old and cranky my fingers stiff and sore
        F                                         C
and Marcus, well, he is gone forever
            C                                                    Bb
when i think of what i might have been if i had pushed it further
             F                                          C
i'd still never be as good as Marcus Turner

RIP Marcus Turner - a great kiwi, a great musician and a great human being

you might be able to get albums with Marcus here

To the extent possible under law, Murray Hobbs has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to I'll never be as good as Marcus Turner. This work is published from: New Zealand.


  1. I'm playing on guitar capoed 5 - effectively just a big ukulele

    4/4 driving - all down beats 8 bars per line

    should play it on the mandolin but i'll leave that to someone who knew his playing better

  2. actually that comment was before i recorded it with a drum machine - when there's a solid rhythm i play a kinda boom chang country style - otherwise it is still true - a la wisdom from Terry :-)


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