Thursday, 20 June 2013

Summer Poems by May and Murray

a couple of quick poems about summer:

the spring was lovely in Sydney
that last spring with my friends

to break and leave Australia
my step-dad still defends

the summer turned to winter
but a winter always hot

we're back and living in Thailand
but that seems to be my lot

here every day is summer
there's never any spring

no autumn leaves will ever fall
no Honeyeaters sing

It is my home i know it
and i love it yes i do

but the summer time in Sydney
well i really love that too

in summertime i think of snow
and ice cream cones too don't you know

and showering waterfalls of ice
in summertime i think that's nice

in fact i think of all things cold
when summer heat has taken hold

but maybe there's a better way
to flee the boiling heat of day

if i could do just what i like
in summertime i'd take a flight

i'd fly to mountains high and free
and down them all i'd board and ski

and in between those chilly runs
i'd nibble chips and burger buns

and sipping chocolate thick and hot
i'd love the summertime a lot

May has recently moved back to Thailand after 5 years in Sydney

Had we been able to get PR we would have stayed

but PR is not so easy for Kiwis

that's life


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