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Edward Snowden - modern day hero

I'd brush it off if it was not for the fact that i know well the mentality of government employees and contractors - we all would like the security of permanent access to a free-flowing and limitless supply of nutritious blood provided by the nipple of taxation. For such security almost all will turn a blind eye to ethical considerations.

Almost all - but not all - Snowden, Assange, and others, for all their own human foibles, at least they try to show us ourselves at our worst.

i got this from here (with this interesting follow up, and this cool vid)

there are other places this story will play out

it's pretty disturbing but i guess that very very few people actually care

as long as they get to drink on Friday and watch the footie and have that BBQ on Sunday

really who cares?


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and more....

welcome to 1984


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