Monday, 12 September 2011

What makes us hate boat-people?

we have to go! we have to leave!
my darling listen please believe
we have no choice, we have to try!
if we stay here we'll surely die 

they come on old and flimsy boats
unworthy of the sea
they come from lands destroyed by war
because of you and me

hey captain! listen! take my son
he's all that's left - the only one
here's all the money we possess
please take him and your name i'll bless

they come on un-sea-worthy boats
with hope and little more
they come escaping what we wrought
and what we wrought was war

Oh God! Protect my child at sea
please keep him safe and keep him free
please let him find Australia's shore
that's all i ask and nothing more

they come and many of them die
alone on a wide wide sea
babies, children, mothers too
with no one there to see

No my darling there's no word
nobody knows, nobody's heard
so trust in God, trust in His ways
God listen's to whoever prays

so brave they are or foolish
or so it seems to me
i know i don't have what it takes
to cross so wide a sea

There's news! He's Safe! Oh Glory be!
Our son's been rescued from the sea
Australian sailors found the boat
when it was almost not afloat

i wonder if they understand
the hatred here they'll find
how much we'll spend to keep them out
how long they'll be confined

Oh God! Please No. Don't let it be!
my only son has died at sea
though most were saved my son was not
my husband's gone too - he was shot

so tell me now Australia
what's made our hearts so cold?
what's made us hate boat-people?
what lies have we been sold?

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