Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Baby-Boomer Blues

it's a daily trial to click and read
the blogs about investment
with a zillion other boomer babies
checking each assessment

the panic button's glowing red
we're ready to withdraw
but until then we're concentrating
hard on making more


ba-by boomer, ba-by boomer
we'll be dead in the end or maybe sooner
all our money will be gone
our investments all gone wrong
we'll have given up the ghost on just rumour

there's Tyler Durden blastin' out
a hundred posts a day
i don't know how he does it but
i guess it's for the pay

and even though the comments reek
of idiots and shills
there's no denying it's the place
providing all the thrills


Mish Shedlock's yet another blogger
profiting from doom
though often he's a little rabbid
(unions i presume)

Australia makes him scream and shout
"your housing's gonna crash"
and if you prod him just a bit
he's prone to be quite rash


My favorite blogger is Steve Keen
he's famous now you know
he gets a million hits a week
for what? Gosh i don't know.

But he's predicting everything
will crash and burn in hell
but i suspect he's hedged his bets
(he's jogging now as well)


Old James Paplava got me hooked -
his weekly podcast show
i'd hang on every word he spoke
but then i guess you know

and all his expert guests were great
(pre Automatic Earth)
but now i know deflation's king
what's Jim Paplava worth?


there's hosts of other's you all know
Economists of note
there's Krugman, Steen and Mankiw
and other's i could quote

and every day we read them all
and sift their words for clues
because we know we're suffering
the baby boomer blues


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