Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Things are different here

For Mish Shedlock (here and here and here  and here and others)

when things turn to shit in Australia
the Government always steps in
the easiest thing and always the first
is to let lots more migrants come in

you'll know when this starts to happen
'cause there'll be claims "we don't have the skills"
then quota's go up and criteria down
and the media mob are all shills

and on top of that repeating pattern
will be First Home Grants tax free and huge
and all sellers will then up their prices
'cause they know that the buyer's a stooge

if you look out your window in Sydney
no "house for sale" signs will you see
'cause people hold on to illusions
and forever that's likely to be

so Mish though i note that you're clever
and live in a land full of woe
i do doubt the future you posit
(and now i must work so i'll go)

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This article gives you an idea of how i see it: from the immigrants side

      "Our brand name is Australia" a poem written at the same time and with reference to Aussie home prices

note also that my poem is just a poem - my opinion is not that of an economist but rather is representing a common meme in Australia - right or wrong



  1. Just because there is no for sale sign out front does not mean all is well.

  2. ah yes true

    but i'm a poet and i needed a line that would scan well

    i tried this:

    if you look out your window in Sydney
    not many "for sale" signs are there
    'cause people hold on to illusions
    and frankly they don't seem to care

    and another couple of even less likeable verses

    and time presses....


  3. Au housing songs will need a violin. A screeching one.

  4. Crash babe crash!

  5. so, now, 2018. Prices down but has it crashed yet? We shall see.


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