Thursday, 11 August 2011

'cause our brand name is "Australia"

if you need a tune try this

we've kangaroos and wallabies and emus too in plenty
but they don't greet your flight to Sydney when you make your entry
and why you come to be with us is not for pets i tell ya
the simple reason is because our brand name is "Australia"


    our brand name is Australia mate we're proud of that i tell ya
    and if you had an image like ours it would never fail ya
    and everybody everywhere wants everything we've got
    we're flamin' great i tell ya mate in fact we're bloody hot!


    prawns on the barbie and sauce on ya pie
    prawns on the barbie and sauce on ya pie

our coastline is a million miles of paradise and beaches
and everywhere the girls in skimpy cossies bare their peaches
but it's not girls i tell ya mate or beer kegs in the trailer
the reason that we're famous is our brand name is "Australia"

(chorus and refrain)

we've immigrants from everywhere who've brought their ways of cooking
and any place that's great to eat at never needs a booking
and every stupid foreign critic soon becomes a failure
and that's because i tell ya mate our brand name is "Australia"

(chorus and refrain)

the Opera House and Harbour Bridge are just two of our treasures
and every where you go to visit showers you with pleasures
but you will have to check it out 'cause we're not gonna mail ya
but that's OK, because of course our brand name is "Australia"

(chorus and refrain)

while all the world is suffering with falling housing prices
and everywhere the people fear political devices
right here within the Lucky Country nothing's gonna fail ya
and that's because as we all know our brand name is "Australia"

(chorus and refrain)

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