Sunday, 21 August 2011

for our sons and daughters too

when all of what we are today
is dim dim distant past
a racial memory mostly myth
known to the shaman caste

i wonder what they'll think of us
when sitting by the fire
and hearing of the things we did
like gods but so much higher

"the great great gods of long ago
they walked upon the moon
they drank the very blood of earth
from death they were immune"

"they did not walk upon the ground
but through the air they flew
and everything there is to know
the ancient gods they knew"

i guess the stories that they tell
the children will devour
they'll dream that they were just like us
and had enormous power

i doubt they could imagine though
the real truth to tell
of how we raped their planet
and we made our lives a hell

they'll never know the polar bear
the tiger or the crane
and countless other creatures
to which we were the bane

they'll also never know the stars
because we stole their chance
because we'd rather party on
and live upon advance

oh what a sad sad species
we "gods" of planet earth
we stupid kings of overshoot
what really are we worth?

just look around at what you see
and ask yourself "where now?"
and if you have an answer
it better tell you how

'cause i can't see a future
that is anything but grim
and even bare survival chances
often seem so slim

i hope that future stories
are told around the fire
that kids enjoy just living
and old folk just retire

i hope we're not the last of us
i really really do
i hope that there's a future
for our sons and daughters too

bad news about our oceans, polar bears are doomedPolar bears feel the heat as frozen habitat shrinks

more on our future: "Party on Dudes!"

if you are looking for my Druid's Story see "The Keepers"


  1. beautiful, sad and true.

  2. Just ran across this - lovely poem!

  3. Yes, this poem is fantastic! I read it a couple weeks ago where it was listed after a news story on Peak Oil by the author as a comment. Today I looked it up to get permission to put it on SodaHead, and I found it! Wonderful. Keep up the good work. I have also joined your blog.
    Your friendly scribe,


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