Saturday, 20 August 2011

Fukushima baby

Fukushima baby
glowing in the night
please baby don't say maybe
'cause i love that you're so bright

and if our kids are mutants
well gee maybe that's great
six fingers or two heads might be
a good survival trait

i think that living in Japan
where radiation reigns
is better than to go and live
amidst financial pains

because i tell you baby
as bad is it might be
the rest of this poor planet soon
will see catastrophe

as every place that humans live
by sucking gas and oil
errupts in war and famine as
our planet we despoil

my guess is that they'll never think
to look towards Japan
they'll focus on the last of oil
in Iraq and Iran

and so it will continue 'til
we see the mushroom clouds
then everywhere will be the same
we'll all be wearing shrouds

so let me love you baby and
let's make Ōkuma home
we'll live with all the röntgens
and we never more shall roam

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