Monday, 26 August 2019

Cause for Palestine - theft and murder r1

An updated version, with words and chords

Jewish Scholar Norman Finkelstein Says ‘Israel Is A Nation Of Murderers’ Loved By The Far Right

      Dm               Am
You hearken to a call from God
         C                           G
that's sworn to by some lying sod
     Dm              Am
it's just another big con job
         C           G             Dm
that's built on theft and murder

why can't you see it's genocide
of anyone who you decide's
essential to God's great design
all built on theft and murder

the chosen people so they say
will show us how and light the way
but i see bloodshed every day
that looks like theft and murder

So join the cause of Palestine
don't wait until there's no more time
your heartless end of times design
is simply theft and murder

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