Thursday, 15 December 2011

Flippin' Houses

When everybody watches prices heading for the moon
The urge to buy is like the piper man has played his tune
And all of us rush in and borrow every cent we can
Why be too late? It's mad to wait! Let's buy it off the plan!

Flippin' houses, Flippin' houses
Flippin' Flats in Condo Heaven
Let's all buy six or seven
We'll all be millionairs!

Some clever banker figured out a way banks couldn't lose
They'd make a it on the fees each way (and land-laws they'd abuse)
They'd bundle, tranch, get tripple A's and boast their quality
And bet against the very shit they sold to you and me


The US housing bubble crashed and trillions disappeared
Economists they scratched their heads and thought it all quite weird
Old Greenspan he'd backed down from pressure when he'd caught a wiff
While "housing crash" Rubini cried and so did Peter Schiff


The Old World followed soon enough and Iceland crashed and burned
Then all the PIGS they followed suit and so their bonds were spurned
The Euro? Well i guess it's dead good riddance i suggest
Until they each go separate ways what madman would invest?


And China? What a total joke! Their madness trumps us all
They bid up prices none could pay and now we watch them fall
The engine of the world it seems is headed down the drain
And everywhere and everyone will join them in their pain


But we'll be right mate here in Aus - we're different don't you know
Our land is better land than theirs our thinking's not so slow
You can not lose investing in our city CBDs
And even world depression will not bring us to out knees

Flippin' houses, Friggin' houses
all my dreams are shot to hell
all my money's gone as well
worth shit are all my shares


  1. I guess that means that there's gonna be a property bust in India too huh?



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