Tuesday, 14 October 1997

Ohau Crazy


Oh how crazy can you get?
the "Ohau Crazy" is the best thing yet.
From ridge to lake and then Twizel Town
the bravest of all go hurtlin' down.
They start from the top of Ohau's crest
and with total abandon their skill they test.
Boarders and skiers alike start off -
no contest you cry - but don't you scoff
for the snow's soon over and it's bikes that fly
down the treacherous field road (one slip you die!)
and once at the bottom of that murderous track
the kayaks are waiting the lake to attack.
The crossing's a killer and many there fail
before the cross-country with no defined trail
- that run too's a killer - alone it can make
the fittest and strongest think life's a mistake.
Then finally the road race to Twizel Town's square
(if you manage that last step you're tough I declare).
But wait it's not over there's one final task!
Oh How! That's your question (and well you might ask).
Fear not it is over the last effort's a breeze
you must down a pint handle of Speights if you please.

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