Monday, 16 November 1998

מים חיים (maim chaim - water of life)

April 1999

i seek a refuge of the mind 
a haven of the soul 
that place where standing i can rest 
or sit in peace 

there are no easy places 
there seems no hidden parks 
no solace in reason 
no rest from who i am 

but here and there an island 
calls with salted tang of green and lush 
and i am called to stroke 

verdant moist and coolness high 
promise of clean and flowing crystal sounds of light 
that break in splendour on harsh rocks 
made luring, livid - splash of freedom 

where others dwell in soft acceptance 
there i go 
and who will be there i don't know 
enormous clouds make play of my mind 

perhaps you know?

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