Friday, 5 December 1997

like badly navigated ships in the night


Can it really be that you
are so in love with me?
Or is your heart desiring just
to feel that your are free?

A tethered heart may well endure
a lifetimes fears and woes
but every binding has it's end
that's simply how it goes.

And as we grow in years and tears
for all that might yet come
what we will do will be for good
or bad but not undone.

My love for you is clear and true
i know the way i feel
but haunting is my fear for what
of yours i might just steal.

Undying love is hard to find
and harder yet to see
and finding all we want in life
just sometimes can not be.

But i will set my path ahead
and with your path unite
for deep inside i feel that soon
our lives will be more bright.

So love me true my little wave
and love me strong and free
for what will come will be our own
and what will be will be.

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