Sunday, 4 January 1998

At how the river roars


i saw God sitting on a log
down by the river clean
smiling out towards the dawn
at secrets there unseen

What makes you smile? i called aloud
what happiness is yours?
A broader smile and then the words
"at how the river roars"

i pondered then these words awhile
and sought the sound referred
but all i heard was trickling
and the chirping of a bird

i hear it not oh God of all
why do you jest me so?
and then again that beaming smile
"I think you really know"

Again i thought about God's words
and still i could not see
Oh God can you please speak more plain
with less complexity?

And smiling now from ear to ear
God looked into my eyes
"Look deep within your soul my child
you'll find there a surprise"

i tried my best to look within
and focused all my will
i sought what God was speaking of
but it was hidden still

Oh God i feel that i am wont
and all my faith is flawed
but God just smiled and let me stew
while close the river roared

the river roared i heard indeed
a sudden flood of rain
had swept down on the mountains high
and to the river drained

and then at last it came to me
why God was smiling still
at hand was my awakening
i felt a rising thrill

Oh God i see i see at last
and now is all revealed
"Go forth My Child and spread Our Love
and know the world is healed"

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