Saturday, 16 July 2011

Fred and Bill

first published: 07/13/2011

Fred said “Bill i think we’re fucked”
to which Bill asked “why so?”
“well”, Fred began (not in a rush)
“i can’t say that i know

but what i see when i look around
is freakin’ me fuckin’ out”
Bill, thought a bit and then replied
“so what’s this all about?”

“oh Bill this damned economy
just doesn’t make much sense
we all work and we pay our way
for little recompense

and every year it just gets worse
the news is always grim
there’s less and less employment
and the profits are so slim

and housing, what a fuckin’ mess
those thieving bankers wrought
has left most underwater
on any house they bought

and all those folks in Europe now
their leaders sold them out
the average workin’ family
there knows not what it’s about

and China, bloody China, look
it’s like a monster fire
a burnin’ all and everything
in a global funeral pyre

and all that carbon in the air
they say we’re gonna cook
and all the oil is runnin’ out
there’s nowhere left to look

and people, Bill the people -
there’s billions of us now
and millions more are born each day
who’ll feed them all and how?

i tell you Bill I’m in despair
i’m almost without hope
the future’s looking so so bad
i don’t know how i’ll cope”

Bill pondered for a while Fred’s words
with heavy heart and mind
he had to cheer his partner up
with gentle words and kind

“Fred, listen man it’s not so grim
there’s so much out there yet
the planets, well we’ll mine them too
and think of what we’ll get

remember Chris Columbus?
he found a brave new land
with oil and gold and silver to
so see and understand

the universe is infinite
it’s ours there just to take
there’s nothing that can stop us
there’s nothing we can’t make

some times are tough and some are good
we do the best we can
we bear the worst, enjoy the best
so lighten up ol’ man”

and Fred, he did, he swallowed it
and heaved a mighty sigh
a smile broke out upon his lips
he waved and said goodbye.

And as his best friend walked away
Bill, cried a bit inside
because you see our Bill he thought
to Fred he’d downright lied

“there’s no bright future for our race
we’re fucked and Fred was right
we’re so so fuckin’ stupid
that in the end we’ll fight

we’ll fight and kill in millions
we’ll drag our neighbors down
we’ll kill and steal and lie and cheat
and in our shit we’ll drown

the rich will party on and on
the poor will starve and die
the middle class will whither
and our mothers they will cry

we’re terminal our species
like beasts we are but worse
and all the beauty we create
adorns our funeral hearse.”

And as ol’ Bill did walk away
into the setting sun
the sound of drunken revelry
had only just begun

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When the Bankers go to Jail

first published: 07/12/2011 at

the Bible tells us not to steal
it’s there in black and white
our laws are based upon it too
do not do wrong - do right

but somehow since these laws were writ
we've seen the system fail
but things will change for all the best
when the bankers go to jail

when the bankers go to jail my friends
when the bankers go to jail
we’ll finally see justice done
when the bankers go to jail

when the vampire squid has been deep-fried
in the slime of Bernank’s words
when politicians tell the truth
and not be lying turds

when "austerity" applies to them
and fairness does prevail
we’ll finally see justice done
and the bankers go to jail

when the bankers go to jail ee-hah
when the bankers go to jail
we’ll all be dancing in the streets
when the bankers go to jail

if all was as it ought to be
when any business fails
investors take a haircut
amid their tears and wails

but in our mean kleptocracy
that the MSM does hail
the working class pay all the bills
and no banker goes to jail

when the bankers go to jail dear God
when the bankers go to jail
the haircuts will be number ones
when the bankers go to jail

we’re predators i must admit
it’s human nature too
to seek a better living for
our wives and children too

but animals we’re not you see
it not just fine detail
we keep the law, control ourselves
and the bankers go to jail

yes you bankers go to jail you thieves
all you bankers go to jail
you’ll be some brother’s jail-house bitch
when you bankers go to jail

you may think it’s a silly dream
to think of their demise
they’re oh so very powerful
and every banker lies

but one day soon we’ll overthrow
and have them by the tail
we’ll tar and feather all of them
and send them all to jail

when the bankers go to jail for good
when the bankers go to jail
we’ll hear the bells of freedom ring
when the bankers go to jail

(maw! Dan'l done shot his self a banker wid his gun maw. Maw! I done gotta shoot a banker too maw.

You watch yawself Brad. Dem bankers is nasty nasty things and th' best thung yawl can do is haul off and shoot dem from a goodly distance wid yo shotgun - ya hear me boy?)

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