Saturday, 6 August 2011

Peak People

I've heard about the oil peak - depletion of reserves
and doomers claiming that we're screwed is getting on my nerves
and prices going ever up no matter what the cost
but the real problem seems to be peak-people

The talk of global warming - all the carbon in the air
the scientists are warning - but tax payers do not care
and all the talk on carbon tax has left me feeling lost
so i guess i'm just another stupid sheeple

i've often wondered if the peak of population looms
and our time is bright but short just like a fleeting flower blooms
and maybe there's no going back the tipping point's been crossed
'cause we're all of us the most we'll be - peak people

if it's lonely at the pinnacle of seven billion souls
far lonelier it is to be the last left digging holes
to bury all our kindred dead their tombs might be embossed
with the simple words "here lies the last of people"

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