Thursday, 1 September 2011

Silly little Julia

(one big breath)

Silly little Julia, peculiar is Julia
she thought that she could be a star
prime mover and Prime Minister
but stabbing and her grabbing
power hasn't seen a happy hour
plunging popularity mistakes almost hilarity
stupidity and perfidy and everyone can plainly see
her enemy is is you and me
when it should be the big money

(one big breath)

so Labor it will labour on
recoup the public favour gone
the flavour of the hour was
illegal people boating from
the shit our stupid leaders brought
us Howard slurping Bush's ass as
everywhere it all collapses
stupid little minded people
chasing what they think is power
blind to what is really coming
bumming out the population
never get my adulation

(breath normal again)

lead us over a cliff you fools

rhythm for stanzas: "No! i'm a better manager, No! i'm a better manager, No! i'm a better manager ..... ad infinitum just as it is between Australian politicians"

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