Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ode to Paul Krugman

this story is about a bloke
who thought he'd save us all
an economic genius
with vision and with gall

he set about to craft a plan
'twas Keynesian and good
we'd all be given ray-guns
and a power-pack and hood

then all of us could roam the land
our faces hid from view
we'd zap each other's businesses
and zap the houses too

we'd zap the cars and aeroplanes,
the buildings short and tall
in fact when we had finished
we'd have found and zapped it all

and then when everything was dust
we'd start again from scratch
we'd build the world all over
a new one without match

and can you just imagine
how big the GDP?
the growth would be enormous
and such prosperity!

the folks in dear old London
well they just could not wait
they've started off already
and i think wow that's great

we really don't need ray-guns
we don't need much at all
so let's all go break windows
(the man? his name was Paul)

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