Tuesday, 9 August 2011

i surely do love silver

i surely do love silver
i surely do love gold
they'll be as they are trusted now
and since the days of old

they way they feel good in your hand
they way they gleam and shine
there's nothing quite so lovely
there's nothing that's so fine

and trust, that's something few have felt
in printed paper bills,
is what you can't help feeling when
your secret stash gold fills

when all is falling 'round our ears
and markets crash and burn
it's saftey that you cherish most
it's not a "sound return"

and so i'll love my metals
so precious and so fine
i'll hold them 'til i need them
in the coming long decline

'cause these are the true money
that always hold their worth
and if they are a "relic"
well, then so to is the earth

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  1. Nice poem.

    You're words made me feel the feeling I get when I have a silver eagle in my hand...or notice the "heft" of a $20.00 gold piece...it is something that emminates permanence...and realism....Two things that are sorely missing in a world of make believe and phony allegiences.

    Very well done....

  2. Thanks for that. Much appreciated.



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