Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Ghost of Osama bin Laden

when you need so much oil
the world you will spoil
in your quest for black gold that's been hiding

under Muslims it seems
lies the goal of men's dreams
so no protests will we be abiding

from the countries we rape
there can be no escape
so we'll kill and our hearts we will harden

and we'll blame someone there
who it is we don't care
just as long as his name is Bin Laden

came the fall of two towers
and amidst all the showers
of debris and death and of sadness

cried a voice in our ears
that fed on our tears
and drove the whole country to madness

"we will run him to ground
and we know he'll be found
wherever we claim we can find him

there's a price on his head
we'll not rest 'til he's dead
and our wrath and our justice will bind him"

but the years went on by
and Bin Laden did fly
from the focus of those who would break him

'til one day he was found
in a foreign compound
and the SEALs were sent in there to take him

so he met with his death
and he drew his last breath
in a fight that he had no more heart in

he was shot in the head
'cause we wanted him dead
for a crime that he never took part in

they took him to sea
to bury you see
in a grave where nobody could gather

'cause they feared he would be
as Mohammad (bless he)
in his death to all Muslims a Hammer

A Hammer of God
in death's sandals was shod
by a foe in who's hearts was no pardon

what they did not foresee
from the depths of the sea
rose the ghost of Osama bin Laden

not long after that
the navy SEALs sat
in a chopper that flew over Kabul

but warfare is grim
and you're chances are slim
if you think that you are Captain Marvel

a grenade-rocket flew
and destroyed all the crew
who's death they had all played a part in

as they died without sound
right there on the ground
was the ghost of Osama bin Laden

in a world full of woe
with the US on show
and it's policies all death and plunder

it's not hard to forsee
what the outcome will be
and i'm shocked by the spell that you're under

you can't claim higher ground
that your morals are sound
like the movies your best have all stared in

if you don't change your tune
you'll be visted soon
by the ghost of Osama bin Laden

seen this comic of bin Laden's death?

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