Saturday, 10 January 1998

Soul Fire


long time ago a simple soul was lost unto this world
abandoning all dreams and goals and caring not at all
and as the years unfolded and darkness settled in
this small and hidden soul was sheltered - hiding deep within

though many tried to pry it loose exposing it to life
it held on to its darkness and was free form care and strife
and so it went year in year out as all the world went by
until at last this tiny thing was such that it would die

and then a mighty soul but lost in depths that were its own
dug deep and would not be withheld and turned up every stone
ignoring any barrier or darkness in it's path
until it found what it had sought: it's long lost other half

so now where once were two lost souls who'd given up desire
are two strong growing souls aflame - entwined eternal fire
and balanced now with all of life and hope and dreams divine
are two who are as one again and such is God's design

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