Saturday, 10 January 1998

Love Chains


if i love her with all my heart
but tie her with that rope
i've made of love an evil thing
and fouled all dreams and hope

for sure as life is short and grim
for those who are not bold
a life of binding her with love
proves nothing from that hold

for is it not so clear and true
that any spirit caged
will seek escape from where it is
and be with all enraged?

unless of course i want a pet
a timid soul and weak
a piece of meat, a blow-up bag
but is that what i seek?

i want a mighty soul to take
and make of me a man
for in such union surely
there can be no better plan?

it's only weak and timid men
who seek to bind their wives
for men of fiber true and strong
seek honest open lives

so come and hear me brothers
come hearken to my plea
seek not to bind your wives at all
and let them know they're free

and if you're worth a damn at all
you'll find a big surprise
that women everywhere will seek
and praise you to the skies

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