My Ukulele Page 3 - Hot Players...

Zahra - who knew?

Ukeulele - emerging as the instrument of the century

Fuch me days!

Roy Smeck "Wizard of the Strings"

Jake Shimabukuro

I love him so much that here's another:

If you think that's just a bit too challenging maybe this might suit you:

Manitoba Hal

Now check out this kid - sheesh:

Sunga Jung

budding star

Kris Fuchigami

Maybe you like Michael Jackson?

James Hill

Here's James Hill again - i just had to have this one because he both plays claw-hammer AND he plays on one of those lovely 5K Martins - listen to how that little box rings!


What about some finger-picking southern blues?

There are just so many awesome uke players:

there's even uke orchestras:

Daneil Ward

Mike Scarlett

Here's Belsech Rodriguez  playing a five string "timple"


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