Friday, 8 August 2014

“Let’s be very clear about this – Russia has been a bully”

Tony Abbott

your colours fly true for any who know more than the slipperiest of evidence

You back America knowing full well that what America is selling is not what everyone wants (Biden, fracking, energy "independence" from Russia etc etc)

The US involvement in the Ukraine is far from either transparent or honest

Therefore your weasely Blair-like support tells every educated person on the planet that you are not doing anything but sticking Australia's tongue right up the asshole of the US Military-Industrial complex

Shame on you at so many levels

Fuck you on so many levels

You're a cunt Tony - a total cunt - because any shred of humanity you have you are happy to sell to anyone big enough

And if you think you do it on behalf of "Australians"?


you're a fucking heartless cunt Tony Abbott and so are all your fucking minions

open your fucking eyes



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