Saturday, 2 August 2014

if you could fight with the native Americans against the blue-coats, would you?

I asked that of a couple of mid-twenty year old Americans

when talking about Iraq, Gaza...

One said why would you go back and fight with a losing side?

The other avoided the issue branching off to you can't travel in time

Americans have no soul

they, even the most open minded, think Muslims are all terrorists yet when questioned about who Muslims are and how populations came to be Muslim they have no knowledge

Americans have been indoctrinated to see Muslims just as they saw "red-indians"

there are almost none of them that have any clue whatsoever that there might be something inherently wrong in killing and destroying millions of people

they suspect something is wrong but they just don't have the mental constructs to grasp it

it's frightening

ignorance - THAT'S the core issue of humanity

dumb fuck stupid fucking Ignorance

Israel - you black hearted blot on the world - you too


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