Friday, 4 July 2014

Apple? F!ck Apple.

I've almost always hated Apple. Even when i was at uni studying computer science i detested much about the company and its products

what really clinched it for me though was iTunes

Charging the same price for a song as i'd always paid for a song might have been ok except for the fact that for that price i'd always previously received a solid object - a record or a CD

Yes i know- it's capitalism - if you have a lead in a market milk it for everything you can

Everything I hated about Microsoft goes double for Apple

fuck em

I'll stick with anyone else, even the detestable Microsoft and the frighteningly monstrous Google if it means i never have to endure anything about Apple

the worst thing about Apple?

The people that own them. Frankly, if you instantaneously zapped out of existence all owners of an iPhone you'd pretty much take out every low life on the planet - a few innocents would also meet their demise but that's their fault for lacking discernment


yes, rich fucks and even more importantly the children of rich fucks - those most obnoxious of creatures detested by all - even, i imagine, their own parents, or, if not them, then the next door neighbors parents

the only thing i like about Apple is how much they make those lowest of lowlife creatures suffer in the name of being able to brandish that Christian Cross of evil: the iPhone:

Apple users?

Die in hell you bunch of pseudo-educated creeps:

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