Sunday, 29 June 2014

Australia and Iraq

seems to me:

Perth man Junaid Thorne investigated over alleged support for terrorist organisation ISIS

(1: copied this date in full below)

has some interesting issues

check for example Wikipedia on ISIL and on List of organisations outlawed in Australia for terrorism

and Anti-Terrorism Act (No. 2) 2005

i really can't find the place that says that a person may not exercise free speech about things they believe - even to the point of writing or saying things in support of a foreign group involved in activities in their own countries

would not that be essentially the same as an Australian supporting in words the actions of America, Britain and Australia when they execute activities that many people find thoroughly objectionable on moral and ethical grounds?

correct me where i err or direct me to exact paragraphs in statute

if i'm right did not a minister lie?



Perth man Junaid Thorne investigated over alleged support for terrorist organisation ISIS

Updated Sat 28 Jun 2014, 7:05pm AEST
The Federal Government has confirmed it is investigating a Perth man who apparently supports a militant group believed responsible for mass killings in Iraq.
Junaid Thorne, an Australian citizen, was deported from Saudi Arabia last year after protesting his brother's imprisonment.
His brother was jailed for terrorism offences in the Islamic state but was released earlier this year.
The ABC is not aware of any charges laid against Mr Thorne. He has been been contacted for comment.
Mr Thorne is involved with a group called Millatu Ibrahim Perth.
A Facebook page that states it is managed by Mr Thorne and his students has a series of posts that praises the taking Mosul by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
The militant group have created chaos in Iraq in recent weeks as they attempt to overrun the government in Baghdad.
"Our brothers in the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham liberate the town of Al Mawssil, and take over the Prison of Tasfeeraat rescuing 600 people from there," he said.
"May Allah reward them for such a heroic and glorious act. Congratulations to our Ummah this victory and liberation."
Another post criticises a statement from the Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) defending itself from comments it is not doing enough to stop young Australian men from joining armed conflict in Syria.
ANIC issued a statement saying senior members of the Muslim community were working to prevent Australians becoming involved in the conflict, following perceived criticism from NSW counter terrorism squad assistant commissioner Peter Dein.
The Facebook post brands it a "statement of embarrassment".
"The cries and calls for help from our suffering brothers and sisters seem to fall on the deaf ears of our so-called 'Imams' as they continue to abandon their religious duties, replacing it with betrayal and loyalty to their masters from the Kuffar [non-believers]," it says.
Mr Thorne also appears in videos of sermons he delivers to small groups on his interpretation of Islam.

Government looking into online posts

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop today confirmed matters relating to Mr Thorne's online posts were under investigation.
"Any promotion or support for terrorism is against the law in our country," she said.
"And [ISIS] is a proscribed terrorist organisation."
Promoting or engaging with terrorist organisations can be punishable by severe penalties, including up to 25 years imprisonment, she said.
"We have estimated there are about 150 Australians who have engaged directly in supporting terrorist organisations in Syria, in Iraq or also remaining here in Australia," she said.
"We are taking a range of measures to address what we see as a considerable security risk."
Mr Thorne, an Australian who spent many years living in Saudi Arabia, had his passport taken by Saudi authorities after being detained for protesting against the ongoing detention of his brother, Shayden, in 2011.
Mr Thorne has always maintained his brother's confessions to the crimes were extracted as a result of torture.
Mr Thorne went into hiding in Saudi Arabia after his passport was confiscated, but he eventually turned himself in to authorities and the deportation process began.

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