Friday, 23 May 2014

Thai coup 2014

not much out there in the MSM has any value on this issue or anything much else about Thailand

but I've found a couple of things interesting

this one:

and the Economist:

[...] In late November the king signed a decree mandating that all decisions by the powerful defence council were subject to veto by the crown prince. The council includes the service heads and the permanent defence secretary. The heir apparent is now, in effect, their boss [...]

Al Jaseera:

If Thailand’s royalist elite can learn to live with democracy, the country may be able to move forward. The alternative is that Thailand’s crisis is settled with violence and bloodshed rather than compromise and negotiation

The Diplomat:

The fear of losing hard-won privileges to the rural masses is a very real one for the royalist elites, sections of the military and many middle-class Bangkokians

i'm interested in this organisation: The Thai Crown Property Bureau

this was a quick (few hours) assessment of this material:

please correct any errors and notify me of corrections


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