Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Teach your grandmother to suck eggs

I heard a conversation which went something like this...

Grandson: "Grandfather, first you have to set the page properties"

Grandfather: "No, first the font. Don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs"

Grandson: "Don't teach your grandson to implement an app that sucks 100 million eggs at once"



great recipe for noodles

put on the kettle

get a biggish noodle bowl

crack a country fresh egg or two in the bottom - living in Thailand makes this easier and cheap

open one of those not to cheapo instant noodle packets

empty the flavour sachets into the bowl and deposit the noodles on top

sprinkle in a handful of frozen veggies and slice in a couple of nice hot Thai chilies

add just enough water (any temp) to cover the eggs and zap it in the microwave til the eggs are cooked - like 2 minutes top

pour in boiling water and cover for a few minutes

tease out the noodles, mixing in everything

cover or eat when ready



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